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We customise your training needs to enhance your knowledge

At Diverse Works we develop our courses to meet sector specific requirements, whether you have individual needs or require professional development as part of a large organisation, our dedicated team can tailor your learning needs

Pre Built Courses

We provide a range of courses which meet legal requirements for equality, diversity and inclusion and safeguarding. Diverse works can customise training so that pre built courses can relate to specific sectors and policy areas

Custom Courses

Working with your teams we can develop sector specific learning based on a wide range of subjects, discipline and requirements. Our business development team can provide tailored programmes, our team is experienced in a range of backgrounds and specialise on inclusive and innovative solutions

Face to Face

Our blended learning programmes and personal delivery programmes provide the basis of a skilled workforce, we provide real life case studies and Government approved resources so that our provision is relevant and up to date.

Pre built courses

Equality & Diversity

Our equality and diversity course provide legislative and practical examples of good practice. Our experienced team specialise in UK wide programmes offering solutions built on expertise and subject matter

Custom made courses

Company specific Equality & Diversity course

Our course includes practical information to drive and support your strategy which focusses on behaviours and reinforces inclusion and diversity standards. This course includes legal duties and information which will help provide evidence based procedures and actions offering sustainable learning and development.

Face to face courses

What is domestic abuse? Agency advice

This Domestic Abuse course helps staff to understand the different types of abuse and harm in accordance to the Domestic Abuse Act 2021., how it may begin, who perpetrates abuse, and how to identify when it may be happening. The course outlines the impact that domestic violence and abuse has on victims and children, and assists learners to understand how to respond appropriately to their concerns.

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Some other courses we offer

Our courses are delivered online, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience. You’ll have access to a variety of interactive materials, including videos, readings, and quizzes, as well as opportunities to participate in discussions with your peers.

Equality and Diversity in the workplace

Pre Esol English for students with other launguages

Safeguarding for adults

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